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All Cycler Programs are NOT the same.. Before you join another "No sponsoring required" Program...

          All Cycler Programs are NOT the same.

 There are hundreds of variations of this program model running on the internet at any given time.

They are most definitely not all the same.

 Most offer a so-called straight line cycler which means that depending on the settings chosen by the admin, after X amount of new members join,
The member at the top of the matrix is cycled out and either re-entered at the bottom or is out of the matrix and the entire membership moves up one position.

 No referring or sponsoring is needed with this set-up as long as there is a steady flow of new members to the program.

It seems pretty simple and straightforward but as with most things, looks are deceiving...

  The problems begin when members are provided with individual referral links and begin to bring in new members,
not into the main matrix but into their own matrices within the main.

   This works out great for the members that choose to promote and also the program admin
 but it also creates a situation where the

 members that were promised that no promotion was required are going to take much, much longer to cycle if they ever cycle at all. 

 New members now go into their sponsor's matrix within the main matrix which is now becoming wider with each new sponsored join.

 Instead of a traditional straight line cycler you have now created what is essentially a multi level forced matrix.

This means there are now several lines that have to fill rather than the original single line.
So much for "spillover".......

Unfortunately, this is the norm in almost every program you see.

This is also why most people that join these programs but don't advertise never "cycle"

 AtTop $ Dollar, those issues have been eliminated.

The One- of- a- kind Top $ Dollar script was specifically designed to ensure that the "straight line" remains straight and that the next member on the Bonus list, regardless of effort  


when the next 3 members join (every 4th join is provided through re-entries by the system.)
No other program has this !

At Top $ Dollar, If you do choose to advertise, your promotional efforts earn you cash and help move everyone up the list without destroying the non-promoters chances of earning.

 This benefits EVERY MEMBER.


 Compare the value of the products, the payout, the commission structure and the Admin support you get with a Top $ Dollarmembership to ANY program out there.

You will quickly see that Top $ Dollar IS the place to be.

 Thanks for reading,


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