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"I do not know how to write. I find it very hard to do." This sounds like many of you. The pressured feeling you get in your brain at the very thought of writing articles.... what can you do to stop the pressure? Well, here is a nice technique for you to do.
Think about an event that took place in your life, and write it down. Do not edit or make corrections. Just write it down. This shall flow from your heart. You will be amazed at what you have written. So, do you still not know how to write? You're now lying to yourself.
If you can write about an event that happened to you, then you can write about anything that interest you, and you can write articles that can help people. The key is to let it flow from your heart. Do not think about editing or making corrections. Just let the writing flow from your heart.
Ok? So, what will you do? Let the writing what? But of course, if you need help, then get with someone who knows how to write articles and can assist you in letting your writing flow from the heart.

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